We build
an education system
through 4 aspects
including 9 programs

Educational Funds

Allow children of poverty to maintain education

• 600+ Students received scholarships
• 3,000 students received daily lunch meals
• 350+ students took the school bus

After a devastating earthquake hit Nepal in 2015, hundreds and thousands of children are forced to become child laborers or victims of child marriage. In Gorkha, one of the Calls Over Ridges’s service districts, over 42% of the students drop out of school due to financial difficulties after the earthquake. Calls Over Ridges support children’s education by providing educational funds to decrease families’ financial burdens.

Parental Involvement

From resistant to assistant

• 1,000+ parents participate in their children’s education

Parents are an important role in children’s education. It helps extend education outside the classroom. Studies have shown that children, whose parents are highly involved in their education, have lower dropout and truancy rates. Unfortunately, in our service region, 70% of the parents do not support their children’s education, resulting in a high dropout rate. To encourage parents to participate in school activities, we invited inspiring speakers to share how education changes their life with parents. In addition, we organize parents’ days and workshops to help parents understand their children’s learning situation every school year.

Intrinsic Motivation

Building confidence toward a career path

Ongoing stressful life events, financial disturbance, and lack of learning resources due to poverty directly affect students’ school performance. With a low school performance, students often experience low self-esteem and thus lost motivation to study. Calls Over Ridges build students’ intrinsic motivation by providing career guidance, helping students to find their interest, and identifying related job opportunities.

Learning Resources

Establish educational resources that can be passed on

• 400+ students attended remedial courses
• 3,000 students received learning kits

Schools in Nepal have been deprived of learning resources. School facilities are inadequate and decaying and most schools do not have a library or computer classroom. Schools are lacking teachers and learning materials, resulting in not having English courses in school. Calls Over Ridges have been dedicated to optimizing the learning environment for students and therefore we provide remedial courses and improve school facilities.

We have served 15 schools across Nepal,
here’s our partners’ testimony:

Calls Over Ridges and its team provide not only infra-structure support but also overall programs that fit our needs. They are certainly working with us to change the environment for our kids. We are allies on the frontline of education.

IKumar Jirel Principle, Jiri Higher Secondary School

Thank you very much to Calls Over Ridges for their generous support  to the school children of Jiri Municipality.

Mayor, Jiri Municipality

Scholarships program

Through long-term scholarships, we support children in poverty to stay in school.

Lunch program

We serve lunch at school daily to students. Our lunches are made from agricultural products grown by the parents!

School bus program

With school bus service, not only has the number of accidents that occur on the way to school significantly decreased, but the traveling time has also reduced from 2 hours to 15 minutes!

Parent's Day Program

We organize workshops and annual parents’ days to help parents better understand their children’s condition at school.

Career guidance program

By guiding the students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to identify career opportunities and make their career decision, we increase students’ intrinsic motivation simultaneously.

English remedial courses program

Our afterschool classes were held by professional teachers to develop children’s English competency, which is one of the most critical employability skills in Nepal.

Library program

We turn abandoned classrooms into libraries, encouraging good reading habits in students. Students can get access to various books and acquire knowledge that is not taught in class.

Computer classroom program

A computer can inspire endless curiosity and is the key to accessing the informative internet world, and a well-equipped computer classroom is where it all started. With a computer classroom, students can learn how to use excel, word, and other software that are essential in the workplace.

Covid-19 learning kit program

By providing learning kits to every child along with the broadcast from school, students can continue learning during the COVID-19 crisis.